FMP – SoundTransmission idea

Soundscape design in urban planning has always been regard as noise control, however, avoid noise is a negative way to improve soundscape. Schafer believes that we must seek a way to make environmental acoustic a positive study program (1994).



Queen’s Way

There is a Hyde Park gate on Queen’s way. Outside of the gate has complex urban sound like traffic and construction, however, if you go inside of the gate, just around 10 meters, the noise will be reduced obviously, environmental sounds from park become stronger. (pictures below are the gate, outside of the gate and inside of the gate, shoot in Queen’s way)





Sound elements

Through walking and recording the sound from outside to inside of the park, I find there are six sounds influence the urban noise the most (which become louder and more clear during I walking into the park).

1, People’s running.

2, People’s talking and laughing.

3, Wind.

4, Birds song.

5, Squirrels’ eating sound.

6, Trees’ rustling.



Sound installation

My project is to design a sound installation on the outside wall of Hyde park on Queen’s way. The installation contain 6 speakers present 6 recored sound elements I just mentioned. The aim of this installation is to take sounds in the park to the road, without walking into the park, people can hear amplified sounds on the road.

(example picture from internet)




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