FMP – SoundTransmission Tutorials & Ideas

These are the notes of three tutorials I had with tutors before I decides my main concept.
Tutorial 01
Now urban planers and architects regard soundscape deign as noise control. And consider sound at the end stage of urban plan. However this is a negative approach for soundscape design.
Researcher Schaffer suggest that soundscape design should be a positive study program, so I am going to make a project which evoke people’s awareness of soundscape in our urban environment.
I am thinking about combine these methods for my project.(Which are the main topics in my these)
1, “ making people to exposed to ear cleaning exercises for achieving sonological competence of total societies and describe how” — Schaffer. (eg.soundwalk). Making people can identify each sound source in a complex urban soundscape.
2, “Aural Architecture“, use human’s Spacial Attribute.(feeling or hearing some thing without seeing)
Find a object, a sound. Be specific.
Tutorial 02
Reason: A positive way to improve urban soundscape environment (Schaffer).
Aim: (inspired by “soundwalk”) People ignore natural sound in soundscape, help them to realize and recognize natural sound by a “loudspeaker”,
Original idea:
A symbol of landscape (sculpture/ map/ space) with the recored background sound, and a loudspeaker which only play the natural sound of that landscape, allowed audience to hold to their ears to listen clearly.
(Object: loudspeaker — For maximizing natural sound in urban soundscapes.)
Oliver: find pleasant sound instant of natural sound
Yadi: put natural sound in a typical natural urban soundscape
Tutorial 03
Idea 01: a set of speakers play natural sounds in a typical urban soundscape.
1, where is the typical urban soundscape.
2, play it in a closed place or open place.
Idea 02 : “highlight”/“maximize” pleasant sounds in an urban environment
1, “pleasant sound” is hard to identify.
2, in general urban environment or a specific landscape in London.
01, Research and find for pleasant sound in urban environment (soundwalk/queationiar).
02, Find a way to maximize existing pleasant sounds cover the noise in city.

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