FMP – SoundTransmisson Research 02 other projects


“Binaudios is a device that enables the user to ‘listen’ to the sounds of the city. Thinking Digital Arts paired artist Dominic Wilcox and creative technologist James Rutherford together to collaborate on a new commission responding to the Thinking Digital Conference’s context in the music performance centre, Sage Gateshead, located in the cultural quayside quarter of NewcastleGateshead.”

This peoject choose a specific location and let audience can interact with this sound installations.




“‘Garden of Russolo’ is an interactive sound installation by Yuri Suzuki, which allows visitors to have a sonic experience using their own voice. the auditory installation, shown at the V&A during the 2013 london design festival, is based on suzuki’s previous series of sound-activated work ‘white noise machines’. influenced by futurist painter and composer Luigi Russolo – one of the first experimental composers – the series of phonograph-like wooden boxes compose the exhibition, re-interpreting audio input into a muffled atmospheric output, twisting and amplifying the original soundtracks.”


Yuri has another project — “Sound Taxi”, by playing music on the speakers on the taxi, the purpose is simple that make the city sounds better.


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