Who we are in Post-Anthroposcene

In the era of Anthropocene, Human design for human-center world, however we are damage our environment by development.

“As the world’s population has more than doubled in the last forty-five years to seven billion, it starts to become clear that the plant had limited resources and we were using them up fast.” (Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby). In the contemporary living environment, human have air conditioners to protect their body temperature; human have modern buildings to resist wind and rain, but whole of those technologies are going to use up nature resources.

What if we run out of earth resources, the technologies we have now will become useless. In that situation, human is going to back to the nature environment, like most wild animals. However, wild animals can survive without any technology, how about human?  As a species already lose inherent survival skills, perhaps human will become extinct before other species.

Benjamin H. Bratton share a opinion in Notes on Extinction, Emergence and Biochemical Design that in the post-anthropocene, if human want to survive, we need to collaborate with inorganic species that we construction. After Anthropocenic extinction, new species would be more likely to fit the new environment than human and better to survive. At that time, if human want to survive, we are no longer dominant the world, but be a part of Post-Anthropocenic.


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