Reference for Turtle Shell Home

CoolClimate Maps

By using  local census and weather data to examine the average household carbon footprint of more than 31,000 U.S. zip codes. We can find obviously by the map that in New York City, the area in the center of city produce less greenhouse gas emissions perversion than the sprawling suburbs.

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The Song of The City


Jaime Lerner, a Brazilian politician. He suggested that “ Suburban sprawl has being emulated in many places. Half the world is living in cities, for many of them, they’re living in cities still where they’re dependent on automobile. It causes gas-belching, time-wasting and life-threatening prosthetic device that many of us need just to live their daily lives.”  And he gave a best example of quality of life — the turtle, because it is an example of living and working together. 

Hypnos Hoodie

Josh Woodle designed a Hypnos Hoodie — AROS. It is an everyday hoodie that inflates for support on the go.

Design for Difference, Luna


Luna’s reflecting on her thesis collection, a series of seven multipurpose garments aimed at aiding Syrian refugees. “In no way are these clothes the solution to the refugee crisis, but I do hope they can lessen the burden of these brave people,” she adds. The unisex collection features outerwear that turns into sleeping bags, backpacks, life vests, child carriers, camouflage and even tents, one of which can hold an entire family, and begs the question: Is fashion truly superfluous?


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