Reference 2 — The Coral Reef – Mike Nelson

The Coral Reef
The Coral Reef 2000 is a very large architectural installation consisting of fifteen rooms with connecting corridors.
This work also inspired me a lot. Firstly, the artist Mike Nelson create a sequential series of rooms to narrative the story he wants to show to audience. There is no prescribed route through the installation and visitors are allowed to spend as much time inside as they like, which reminds me the theory of modularity. Each room has their own story, and also the whole place was telling the same story.
And also, the inspiration of the work from several novels. Nelson’s installation works are ‘a complicated web of references to film, literature, history and current affairs’ (Bishop 2005, p.44).  Finding a relevant point of each stories and make them separate to show the main idea.
Last but not least, The Coral Reef is a very good example of architectural installation, thinking about my project, we are going to develop a Video installation —  “a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art, making use of all aspects of the surrounding environment to affect the audience. “
“from repeatedly walking past a mini-cab office around the corner from where I was living in Balham [in London]. The aesthetic was interesting because of the makeshift way such spaces were built and then inhabited. There’d be only a few objects or posters, but through them you could both recognise that these people were quite transient in terms of what they were doing there and also get an idea of what their identity was. These spaces were always spaces which were a front for something else; you would get a glimpse into a back room or of a door that led somewhere, that put you somewhere else … So there was the idea of a sequential series of rooms which were all receptions that never led to anything.
(Nelson in Wallis, accessed 21 August 2014.)”

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