Collaborate Proposal

Collaborate Proposal


Wenxin Yi



  1. Project Title


Interactive Film – The mind palace


  1. Context of your project


Nowadays, people are less likely to remember things by memory but some notes or digital tools, which turns out that the degradation of people’s memory. So in this project, I am going to develop a interaction film about the mind palace which can not only introduce the technique of mind palace but also let audience involved in the experience of the “palace”.


  1. What is the problem/debate/focus/ for your project?


Main idea: Create a space to show an idea of The Memory Palace.


Main problems:

1, Where is the “palace”?

The place that most of people know and familiar with.


2, What is the context of the film which them really feel interesting and involved in?

Something about detective story, literature, etc.


3, What is audience’s reflection and feedback of this project?

Playful and something about the end of the story.


  1. Who are you proposing to collaborate with and why?


Can Cai is a research assistant of City University of Hong Kong and also he is a part-time director in TV station.


I decided to collaborate with him is because my idea is about a memory technique which I need to do a specific research for this project which he can suggest me some research methods and information. On the other hand, I am going to make this project by film, which is his specialty. He can in charge of taking the film for this project.


  1. What do you plan to work on? What is the brief you have set yourselves?


First of all, we need to do the research of The Memory Palace, how does it work, who create this method, in which situation people can use it, etc.


And then, finding others’ work about showing this idea, fine some movie which contained this idea.


After that, find a interaction way to let people involved in the process of building the memory palace.


And then, take the film, and set up the interactive space.



  1. How do you propose to collaborate?


Combining film and interaction design, let the audience more impressed about the idea of the mind palace. And better understanding of this idea.


  1. What is your contribution? What is theirs?


For me, I am going to in charge of a interactive film storyboard, and find an interactive way for audience to present our project.

He is going to take the film for this project.


  1. Timetable


22/02 research for mind palace and come up with the initial idea.

01/03 storyboarding and film shooting

07/03 first prototype/testing, improve project

14/03 2nd prototype



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